Last months Recap! 2019-04-27

I listed out latest features made in last couple months. Hope you like it!

Weekend Game Testing & Dev Changelog 2019-02-15

Hello, Today game server will be open for some period with newest changes from last week of development. If you want to play join Arnmoire discord and you can find download link in testers channel. Here is the changelog (15.02.19): Added gold Trade option Added close button to guild master chat Implemented guild war mechanic. […]

Open Game Testing summary! 2019-02-11

Hello, This weekend (9-10.02.2019) game was open for testers on Discord channel. People did great job on reporting issues and helping me improve the game by giving constructive feedback and testing every corner of the game. Thanks everyone! 🙂 I’m aiming for the next weekend to host next testing session and try out new content […]