Arnmoire is a Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

The world is now taken by a curse of Mad Alchemist. Nobody knows his identity but everyone knows that he is a monster. This person has no empathy and is pure evil. Everyone calls him Synth because that’s the only name connected to him from the past.

A long time ago Synth found out a way to control living and undead spirits to listen to his commands. From this time, people are being slaughtered and are scared to go outside the village. This harsh time had a consequence which was a culture of fighting and developing abilities which could defeat evil beasts.

Starting from the lowest grade enemies, people are training themselves to grow into strength and explore the world for powerful items. People are gathering by creating guilds but there are also evil people out there who praise Synth and are willing to fight for him.

Everyone hopes that one day evil Synth will be defeated…

(Thanks to Rapthorne for correction)