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Patch 1.16, 1.16.1, 1.16.2 2019-10-04


-Improved closing UI windows by ESC key
-Golems are now drop Golem Scrolls
-Decreased Dark Lord gold drop
-Added Daily Wheel indicator when can be spinned
-Increased prices for materials dropped by monsters
-Added new Goblin Archer model
-Evasion added to shields
-4 new titles added for defeating bosses
-Title unlock UI animation added
-Added server selection after login (1 server at this moment)
-Added ‘forgot password’ option to website
-Fixed Daily Guild Battleground quest
-Bosses Daily Quests are now adding guild experience as reward
-Fixed Guild roles assigning
-New Dark Shield 3D Model
-Increase stun duration of Warrior Stomp from 1.2s to 1.4s
-Berserker State now increase Max Health by 20%, Defence by 30% and lasts for 20sec
-Necromancer Dark Aura now lasts for 25sec, Increase defence by 10%, max health by 15%.
-Ranger Haste skill increase movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds.
-Cleric single target heal decreased from 330% to 280% of magical damage.
-Fixed back hits multiplier for Rogue class
-Updated skills descriptions
-Rogue skills damage increased -Adding posts to post table


-Options fixed -Warehouse fixed -Berserker aura cooldown fixed (20sec) -Fixed vendors not opening -Increased post table max message length -Fixed cloudmere bridge -Item info popup fixed -Battleground time fixed


-Heals and misses not affecting mount and ignore combat state
-Rogue stealth skill stops targetting
-Earth smash Warrior skill now hit 2 times and stun target for 0.5 seconds
-Cloudmere Forest of Death visual upgrade
-Area mood change system
-Cooldown for Ranger skill Ground shot increased to 10 sec and Ultimate Triple Shot increased to 11 seconds
-Ranger Ground Shot is now AoE skill
-Buffs used by other people show in local buffs bar fixed
-Fixed item popup dissapearing
-Fixed blacksmith window not opening
-Item cooldown indicator (Potions etc.)