Terms of use & rules


  1. By registering on Arnmoire server, you are automatically accepting terms of use.
  2. You agree you are using software at your own risk.
  3. We provide software and other services “as is” and we don’t ensure secure, error-free and continuous software, game or user account.
  4. Created accounts, game characters, and game items, game currency is owned by the administration.
  5. The administration will never ask you for the account password. Keep your password complex and don’t ever give it to anyone else. Don’t use password from other services to keep your account safe.
  6. Whenever Administration member will consider user behavior as inappropriate, he has right to block/ban user account without giving a reason.
  7. If any of inappropriate behavior isn’t included here, the administration has the right to deal with incident individually.
  8. Pretending to be a part of the administration is forbidden.
  9. Using any kind of exploits, cheats, hacks, boosts making the game easier is forbidden and will cause a permanent ban for all accounts of a user.
  10. It’s forbidden to create characters with an inappropriate, vulgar or offensive name.
  11. It’s forbidden to create clans with an inappropriate, vulgar or offensive name.
  12. It’s forbidden to sell characters, items, currency for real currency. It will cause a permanent ban for accounts of seller and buyer.
  13. It’s forbidden to modify client files and using any kind of third-party software which will affect client files.
  14. Advertising other games within the game can cause an account ban for this user.
  15. The administration doesn’t take responsibility for stolen accounts, items and currency.
  16. Spamming can cause an account ban.
  17. Any kind of offensive from user behavior towards others is highly forbidden, it can cause permanent ban for all user accounts.
  18. We are not liable for any incidents like loss of data, characters, items, accounts caused by adjustments of gameplay, system downtime, errors etc.
  19. The administration has the right to change terms of use/rules at any time.
  20. The user needs to observe the rules.