Update 1.00b released! 2019-06-22

Update is online.

Here are a list of most important changes:

-Added matchmaking PvP battleground 10vs10 accessed by UI
-Visual improvements and expansion of all maps in the game
-Lvl 40 cap
-Added in-game settings (quality, resolution, fullscreen, etc.)
-Bigger dungeon instances
-New login screen
-A new character selection screen
-New animations
-Added Emotions
-Added monsters materials loot
-New Shop Costumes
-Split Main Storyline and Daily quests in UI
-Added village camps to maps
-Many bugfixes
-Click on an npc now command character to walk and talk to the npc
-Cursor changes on npc cursor hover
-Added female hairstyles
-New amulet items
-Removed clicking on a self character
-Added friends list
-New in-game UI