Weekend Game Testing & Dev Changelog 2019-02-15


Today game server will be open for some period with newest changes from last week of development.

If you want to play join Arnmoire discord and you can find download link in testers channel.

Here is the changelog (15.02.19):

  • Added gold Trade option
  • Added close button to guild master chat
  • Implemented guild war mechanic. Now guild leaders can declare a war between their guilds.
  • Adjusted warrior cooldowns for skills
  • Added item information popup on trade slot hover
  • Changed triangle cut and whirlwind skills visual effects
  • Balanced player health and monsters damage. Now PvP will last longer.
  • Optimization improvments
  • New quests: A lost Cat and The Slayer Quest
  • New items: Slayer Cape, Scroll of Return
  • New npcs: Boy, Lost Cat, Wiseman, Forest Keeper, Blacksmith
  • Added guild ranking to a website
  • Added players lvl ranking to a website
  • Added enchancement system for weapons
  • Added highlighting on button hover for most UI elements
  • Fixed missing maps colliders
  • Improved Ogre Dungeon map
  • Fixed and Balanced experience gained from monsters
  • Fixed party members shared experience gain when too far away
  • Added hotkeys for UI panels
  • Fixed movement issue while typing in Input fields
  • Added adamantium set drop to Kobolds (Rare)
  • Relentless Ogre now dropping Adamantium items with higher rate
  • New Armor models and textures
  • New Iron Sword model
  • Slayer Cape is now giving 350 health and can be gained from The Slayer Quest
  • Relentless Ogre is now much stronger, a chance for drop Fate Stone
  • Warrior heal skill giving more health
  • Scroll of Return can be bought in shop for 1k gold and on use it will teleport player to main Cloudmere
  • Using Fate Stone when enchanting can save your weapon
  • Kobolds nerfed, they are now defeatable, chance for dropping Fate Stone